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v Lady Chatterley's Lover


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5A book to be read and re-read
Von D. Lee
One can learn so much from Lawrence's wonderful sense of feminine intuition about people, love, circumstance, politics, environment and the choices humans make, that one read of this book is simply not enough. Personally, I have read this book eight or nine times (usually once a year)and never tire of Lawrence's insight into human nature and why we do the things we do. Don't let the title fool you. This book is much less about sex than it is about us taking charge of our own destiny and not letting the machinery of life bog us down. If you are at a crossroads in your life, you must read this book. If not, you will still enjoy this novel greatly. It is highly recommended. If I could, I would give it ten stars!

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Von Ein Kunde
This is a beautiful novel that is fragile yet steel-strong. The emotions of its characters are extremely well-developed, for e.g. Connie's dogged loyalty towards Clifford in the beginning turns slowly into doubt, and finally into contempt. This is a novel about the path to freedom, not only sexual freedom, but freedom from pressure, from rules, from the chains of life and society. Although there are only 3 main characters: Connie, Clifford and Mellors, this book does not bore me. Some authors may kill the novel when handling so delicate a subject, but Laurence not only allows the emotions of his characters to live, but also gives them room for expression. Connie's sexual desire is placed in the context of an England that is slowly being brutalised by industrialism, and the author expresses his horror against this world we had created through the eyes of Connie. As Connie is slowly being suffocated by her husband, I feel, surprisingly, not hate for Clifford, but a strange pity. This book sparks neither love nor hate for its characters, but the reader is able to weigh them at their true value. In this way, the novel itself is never overpowered by the strength of its characters. The author allows us to find our own freedom while Connie seeks hers. This book improves with a second reading. At first the characters seem rather detached, but later they fitted out wonderfully. The language, of course, is beautiful. Everyone is in their own way suffocated by something, and that is why as a teenage reader I can relate myself to Lady Chatterley.

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5Most Meaningful and Lovely of Lawrence's Novels
Von Theodore G. Mihran
As with any good novel there are several levels on which this book may be read. Taken factually, here a woman forsakes her incapacitated husband and takes the gamekeeper of their estate as her lover. Pretty ugly scenario! How can such a cruel action be justified? Lawrence is not afraid to take on this formidable challenge.

To some people there is absolutely no issue here. When you marry, you commit yourself exclusively to your mate. Period! Case closed! But in real life, the matter is not so simple, unless you choose to make it so.

On a deeper level a marriage inherently has hidden strings attached. It requires an honest effort by both partners to commit to the marriage, to sense their partner's needs, and to respond to them honestly and with sensitivity. If one mate is not perceptive, not doing their part, not "truly interested" in the marriage, then the marriage is in reality already dissolved, albeit not legally. This was the case with Lady Chatterly and her husband. It was also the case with the gamekeeper and his wife. Lawrence had to courage to recognize and to address this marriage problem, which probably is more common today than we would care to admit.

The level at which I most liked this novel was in the descriptions of the actual physical encounters between the Lady and her lover. I have not counted them but there are perhaps four or five, all under different circumstances, all resulting in different degrees of satisfaction. Which suggests to me tht the sex act, in itself, is an almost neutral event. What gives it meaning are the attitudes and sensitivities that its participants bring to the occasion.

At its deepest level sex is a reverent act, a sacrament. It is an uncompromising, fully trustful yielding of one's body to the care and love of another person. The result can be the most glorious feeling a human can experience. It can also be the most degrading feeling in the world. In this novel Lawrence follows the Lady and her lover through their progressing relationship. The novel can serve the reader as an inspiring view of the great beauty and joy that a loving relationship may eventually engender.

Should teenagers read this book? In my opinion, no. Nevertheless, they will. But, like Shakespeare, they will not be able to absorb its wealth. I encourage them to save its reading for their later years when they are trying to bring new riches to their lives. Sort of like saving the icing on the cake, and eating it last. I think Lawrence would like that.

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