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5No wonder it has earned a National Award
Von Ein Kunde
Sophie's choice: By William Styron.

Outstanding piece of literature. Somehow It makes me believe that a great portion of this accomplishment is not fiction at all, but a real life story with characters that get so much into the deepest inner self of the reader inciting him to not want to stop reading.

There are three aspects of this production extraordinarily remarkable:

Firstly, the use of great prose and vocabulary. Styron plays with words to conceive the greatest work of description I have read.

Secondly, all the details of the horrendous, not forgivable, indescribable, examples of crimes executed during the Holocaust. Specifically in Auschwitz, Birkenau concentration camps, with its crematory installations, and of the way some polish people acted, and so many of them also died, leads me to believe that 100% of the facts did occur as utterly wrong as Styron relates them. This seems no fiction but reality

And last but not least, Sophie, the beautiful, fair, polish woman that relates her story during those years. She relates her life intermittently positioning lies between true events all throughout this piece of literature.

And almost at the end relates how she is imminently condemned to take the most hideous choice of her life. The one that leads her to the most shaking end .

To closure my summary, I shouldn't fail to convey that the idiosyncrasies of the personalities are anything but conventional, and the narration, done by the young and naive writer Stingo, whose life seems to be a self-portrayal of Willian Styron himself.

No wonder it has earned a National Price Award.

Please anyone send me suggestions about other Titles as good as this.

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4the story you can't escape
Von de ann
I read this book several months ago, and I had no idea what subject it was about. It was so moving, and so incredibly well developed that time and again I find myself remembering pieces of it at odd moments.

Other readers have rated this book as "flawless." I would like to say that I did find some glaring flaws, although they did not subtract from its overall masterpiece. Nathan is described as a drug addict and a "paranoid schizophrenic," and as someone who works in the field of mental health, I would like to say that descriptions of his diagnosis and illness do not support schizophrenia at all. Misconceptions and inacurracies such as this contribute to society's wrongful perception of this disease.

Just wanted to add my two cents.

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5Styron's masterpiece is _the_ masterpiece
Von Ein Kunde
I can honestly say that I have never read a better book. That is not to say it was the most fun to read, nor the easiest. It is an unforgettable book, the kind that probably will darken your mood, but will teach you as no other book can.

The story begins in 1947. Stingo, a cocky but nevertheless self-deprecating young Southerner, gets himself fired (with flair!) from his job in a prestigious, rather stodgy publishing firm. He gathers up his savings and moves into a boarding house, with plans to write The Great American Novel during the rest of the summer, or at least until his money runs out. Almost against his will, Stingo is drawn into a relationship with two of his neighbors-- the gorgeous Sophie, a survivor of Auschwitz, and her Jewish lover Nathan, an oddly compelling but often terrifying man.

Meanwhile Stingo tries desperately to have sex with a girl, any girl. The retelling of his hysterical failures are intertwined with Sophie's tortured memories of the death camps of Poland. And then the truth about her experiences, as well as the truth about Nathan, is revealed. Ow.

Styron is an amazing writer. He makes me gnash my teeth at my own pitiful efforts to write. This is his best work.

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