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#* Dandelion Wine


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5Vintage Bradbury Fantasy Is My Favorite
Von S. H. Towsley
DANDELION WINE is first and foremost the story of a 12 year old boy discovering that he is alive. I was lucky enough to read this gorgeous, perfect novel, wrapped in a library's dandelion yellow hardcover, the summer of my 12th year, in the small town of New Haven, Indiana, probably wearing my own pair of Red Ball Jets or Keds, lying in my living room as usual, curled up in a chair with the screen door open to let in the blustery summer wind and sun, with the lush green Indiana grass blowing in waves just outside.

I understood what Bradbury was saying at age 12, an incredible thing in itself, since the themes here are fairly grown-up. Essentially, this book is about a boy flooded with the sudden realization of his own "aliveness", and never has a child's experience of innocent living been so perfectly, passionately illustrated. Douglas Spaulding lying in the grass, or feeling the keen pleasure and pain of carrying heavy laden buckets of self-picked berries out of the woods while the handles crease the insides of his hands. Douglas Spaulding discovering the wonder of a Number Two pencil, and the joy of rising early in the morning to watch his town come to life with the sunrise. Douglas Spaulding discovering that nothing makes a boy fly weightless through his summer vacation better than slipping his feet into the cool, cloudwrapped heaven of a new pair of tennis shoes.

I found this book, at age 12 and several times since, to be an experience ranking with the most important books about human life that I have ever read. Bradbury sees so much, and conveys the experiences so clearly that one knows what Douglas and Ray know by the end. This is a book about passion and joy and being fully alive from moment to moment. It is a sonnet to and affirmation of childhood and innocence of such persuasive power that it has become a key volume of my core library. I don't expect everyone to have such a trascendent experience in the reading, and not everyone is fortunate enough to read this book at as perfect a moment as I did. But it is undeniable in its power and equal to the greatest work Ray Bradbury has produced, in my opinion. I was fortunate enough to meet him and thank him for it while at college. But this book has meant more to me than I could tell him.

Give this to a boy you care about, or read it to evoke, soothe and elevate the child in you. It is pure poetry, Bradbury at the height of his powers, written with genius, on the vital topic of the nature of life. I can only say Douglas Spaulding has never left me. You may find him equally provocative.

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5Ein Klassiker - in einer Liga mit Steinbeck - LESEN!
Von Charles Halloway
Ich kannte bisher zwar zahlreiche Kurzgeschichten und die Klassiker von Bradbury, brauchte jedoch bis zu "Dandelion Wine", um zu erkennen, welch ein Magier Ray Bradbury wirklich ist."Dandelion Wine" ist anders als Ray's andere Geschichten. Weniger Science Fiction, weniger Fantasy. Trotzdem sein bestes Buch.Bradbury schafft es, zwei der schönsten Dinge des Lebens - die wie Bradbury sehr passend beschreibt, auch vergänglich sind - in einem Buch zu bannen: die Kindheit in einer kleinen amerikanischen Stadt und die dort erlebten Sommer.Bradbury präsentiert in seinem Buch mehrere auf den ersten Blick nicht zusammendhängende Geschichten, die irgendwie aber doch ein perfektes Bild des beschriebenen Sommers ergeben.Wie Doug Spaulding im Buch werden auch Sie hoffen, dass dieser Sommer nicht zu Ende geht."Dandelion Wine" steht für mich auf eine Stufe mit den Werken von Steinbeck, z.B. mit der berühmten Straße der Ölsardinien. Es ist ein Buch, welches Sie wohl nicht mehr loslassen wird und vielleicht Ihr ganzes Leben begleiten wird. Ich wette, Sie werden es jeden Sommer in Händen halten.Lesen Sie wenn möglich die englische Aussage. Ansonsten lesen Sie es auf Deutsch. Hauptsache Sie lesen es überhaupt!

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5give me another glass
Von Ein Kunde
this book is flawless, the writing style, the wonder, the fear, it does it all. I cannot remember a book that so captivated me for days, I didnt want it to end. If your young or old get this book, read it, keep it on your shelf, read it again. enjoy it.

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