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$! Linda Goodman's Love Signs: A New Approach to the Human Heart


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5Tremendously Helpful, Spiritual and Humorous
Von Joseph C. Clark
Linda Goodman was a very eccentric woman, but very loving and humane. And she was a fantastic writer who could write as if she was your best friend and somehow knew you intimately. This book is meant to show people how the different zodiac signs relate to each other. Linda chose to use the Sun sign influence because it's the most prominent one in a person's birth chart. But Linda stresses that it's very important to know a person's whole birthchart, especially the Moon, Venus and Mars placements. For example, Mars has much to do with a person's sexual nature. A Taurus person with Mars in Scorpio will be much more sexual and less inclined toward cerebral pursuits than a Taurean with Mars in Aquarius. I feel that Linda's spiritual perspective is what makes her books very interesting. She puts astrology into its proper spiritual perspective as nobody else has ever been able to do. Also, Linda stressed that anybody can love anybody else, no matter what their Sun sign is. However, Earth signs will definitely get along better with fellow Earth signs than with Fire signs, for example, and Linda explains things like this real well. The book should be used as a guide for tolerance and understanding of others. It should not guide whether or not you dump someone. Maybe you're an Aries person and the other is a Cancer. A probable no-go? But if the Cancer person has many planets in Gemini and Leo, they could be your soul mate. As Linda wrote, learn the other person's entire birth chart. This stuff should be taught in school.

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5Trifft einzigartig ins Schwarze.
Von Ein Kunde
Ich habe mich seit einiger Zeit mit Astrologie beschäftigt und muss zugeben dass dieses Buch auf wundersame Weise genauestens die einzelnen Beziehungsmerkmale verschiedener Sternzeichen beschreibt. Sehr zu empfehlen!

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4A sign of my love for love signs.
Von Matthew McWilliams
I guess nearly every astrology student is aware of this text -a worthy follow up to her "Sun Signs" It's been loved and treasured as well as teased. Linda Goodman writes with passionate conviction about all of the astrological combinations and this book indeed appears a labour of love. She explains the harmony/disharmony that commonly exist between the different sign elements and modes and what each sign is here to learn and can best teach. The literary quote before each analysis is delightful. Eg: Cancer/Pisces: "Pale rays of light tiptoed across the waters; and by and by there was to be heard a sound, at once the most musical and the most melancholy in the world - the mermaids talking to the moon." It is not as clinically scientific as many texts but the author is irresistably enthusiastic about her subject. Don't expect total accuracy - the book is general. Some statements are contentious. Eg: She says that Aquarians and Pisceans have much in common and are good for each other. Astrologer Teri King was far less enthusiastic about this combination saying that a cool, detached Aquarian is not a good mate for the emotional and sentimental fish. Either writer could be write depending on the specific planetary emphases in each subjects chart. I hope this book encourages budding astrologers to keep delving into this beautiful and mysterious science. Anything by Liz Greene could be a next best step.

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