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5meine lieblings-weihnachtsgeschichte!!
Von mike+anja
für mich wäre weihnachten ohne "a christmas carol" wohl kein richtiges weihnachten. da die geschichte jedes jahr um die weihnachtszeit im fernsehn gebracht wird und ich sie nun schon aus etlichen verfilmungen kenne (mickey maus, muppets, sesam straße, disney's eine weihnachtsgeschichte usw.), war es höchste zeit endlich das buch zu lesen.natürlich wurde ich nicht enttäuscht und ich hatte auch keine probleme damit die englische sprache zu verstehen (nur vereinzelte ungebräuchliche wörter habe ich nachgeschlagen).wie bei den meisten büchern, die verfilmt werden, ist auch hier das buch unschlagbar!!

2 von 2 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
5Magically Apt
Von Mario Pollacchi
Having seen the various movie versions over the years, I was pleasantly surprised at how enchanting, haunting and moving this story is. So much more exists in the story than is ever included in a film, that one finds it that much more entertaining although the story is so well known. Easily readable, but then that was Charles Dickens' style, I ploughed through it in an afternoon and reached the end before I truly expected to...

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4You must read the timeless classic A Christmas Carol
Von Ein Kunde
Have you ever read A Christmas Carol? If not you must read this classic. Charles Dickens timeless classic, A Christmas Carol , will be read by many generations yet to come. One reason this book is read by millions, is its universal plot. The first reason that the plot is so good because of the wonderful setting. This book is in London during Christmas time during the Victorian Erie. It's about an old grumpy , cranky, great business, man named Ebenezer Scrooge; who hates all and is hated by all. When he is later visited by the ghost of his old business partner, Jacob Marley, who tells Scrooge he will be visited by three different spirits. This novel is great to read to kids and for kids to read. This book will teach good values such as the importance of being generous. This book has many good examples of kindness like when Scrooges nephew, Fred, says Christmas is a "' kind forgiving charitable pleasant time'". It will also be a very enjoyable book to read during the holiday time of year. This book has a great English setting during Christmas in the 1800's, which will really boost your holiday spirit. This book often reminds us of our often forgotten past, which shocks the reader and keeps them hooked. This book explains many aspects of the Victorian Erie . For example when the author tells the reader of the greediness of some; Like when Scrooge says,"' If they rather die' said Scrooge,'then they better do it and decrease the surplus population.'" (11) referring to the poor. You can link many aspects of the book to the time period in which Charles Dickens lived and wrote. Like in 1838 the poor tried to get the write to vote but failed because of objection by the middle class . So you can see some of Dickens inspiration for the book. A Christmas Carol is a classic that has been read and enjoyed by many, and millions yet to come. This book has a great history and plot, combined it is great for kids as well as adults. So if you have not read this classic to your family you had better check your! pulse and start reading.

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