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v Catch a Fire: The Life of Bob Marley by Timothy White (1983, Book, Illustrated): The Life of Bob Marley


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5The best rock biography.........
Von Rolltide
This book covers it all from the humble beginnings to bob's rise as third world poet and prophet and then to the controversies that occured after his death. White takes much time to tell about the politics and religious issues that help one to understand what is happening and to bridge the cultural gap. In many ways this biography does not paint a comlimentary picture of bob, in many ways it does. It is the truth based on verifiable facts. It's important in a study of this man's life to cut through the varnish of the legend and the myth to what really happened. Bob Marley deserves that much. White takes us right to trenchtown and attempts to paint a complete picture.

Life in the kingston ghetto that spawned reggae has a code of it's own. When there was an attempt on bob's life in 1976 it was trenchtown gangs who brought the accused to justice. This story reads like a great novel and never gets boring or stale and that's just one of hundreds of examples.

This work is a great study of jamaican life and culture as well as reggae and bob marley. A must read for real fans and the best biography by far of this great man.

One reviewer suggested that the book doesn't pay enough attention to bob's rasta faith. Not true, marley's religious faith is the motivation for most of what he does, how he viewed the world. White never misses this point. As bob's world got bigger his perspective on his faith changed.

A must read.


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5Intense Read
Von Ein Kunde
This was a purchase after reading the same writer's book on the Beach Boys, which I enjoyed for its many facts and all the historical insight. But it was not a regular bio at all which made it refreshing The same aspects arise here but in an even more intense way. Without the knowledge given on the country, its sociology, politics, religions and superstitions, and so forth, it would get stuck in the category of the generic music biographies, which are getting to be a major bore. Marley and his people live! This book certifies it with lots of interesting layers. So it's cool.

1 von 1 Kunden fanden die folgende Rezension hilfreich.
5Catch a Fire: The Life of Bob Marley
Von Ein Kunde
I recently read "Catch a Fire" while on vacation in Jamaica, and found it the best reading choice I could possibly have made. I was awed by Timothy White's success in describing and documenting the cultural, economic, historical, musical, racial, religious and political contexts which spawned Bob Marley. The book is not just an account of one musician's rise to fame, but of the land and society which inspired, sustained, and betrayed him, and which continues to learn and grow from him. Though I lived in Jamaica for many years, I learned much from the book about the culture and history which I never knew before.

The book made Bob Marley at once more human and more astounding. It documents the human perils, uncertainties and challenges he encountered and how he dealt with them, sometimes better than others. At the same time, it does not attempt to explain away his genius, inspiration or transcendent powers - those inexplainable qualities which made him extraordinary and which resulted in the ongoing legend which may never stop.

The experience of reading the book whilst involved in activities such as touring the Bob Marley Museum in Kingston, listening to his recordings, and discussing Marley with people across the island made it impossible for me not to make mental comparisons between the birth and growth of the legend of Jesus of Nazareth and that of Robert Nesta Marley of Nine Miles.

Timothy White has done a superb job of documenting the birth of a legend. As Bob sang and White concluded, "Time Will Tell."

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